Home Blessings

What is a home blessing?

According to the Orthodox tradition, it is customary to invite the priest once a year for a home blessing, usually associated with the Feast of Theophany (Baptism of the Lord on 6 January). However, one may request a home blessing anytime during the year. There is a special service for the new home, similar to the consecration of a church. After you move into a new space we recommend having it consecrated and blessed by the priest.

How do I need to prepare?

The priest will need a small table, usually in front of the icon corner facing East. On it you should place a bowl of water, a candle, a list of names (both living and departed), as well as a small glass with olive oil (and a pair of cotton buds) if it is the blessing of a new home. In accordance with our Safeguarding Policy, we recommend that there are always two adults present, besides the priest, during house visits.

Are there any other types of visits?

The priest may be called for pastoral visits throughout the year. These may include special blessings (such as the blessing of a vehicle or of a business), pastoral counselling, catechesis, anointing the sick, praying for the newly born and his/her mother, etc.